Is Your Marketing Helping Your Financial Planning Clients or Hyping You?

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Increase your financial planning clientele with smart marketing techniques

Want to plan your marketing accordingly in order to attract clients to your financial planning business? If so, it may be time to start thinking like a client. Many businesses are not attracting the right clientele or are hurting themselves in the eyes of their current clientele because of ineffective marketing.

Ask yourself a few questions to gauge whether or not your marketing strategy and implementation is effective: When a client comes to your website or blog, is the content all about you and your achievements, or do you speak to the client and how you can serve him or her? Also, if a client were interested in some services currently listed on your site but were to learn during a conversation you no longer offer those services (but your website had in fact not been updated), what impression would this leave?

Building your brand occurs throughout a well-thought out marketing plan that includes your brand’s overall strategy, identity, logo, design, message, etc. Independent financial advisors need marketing that displays their experience and knowledge while also speaking to the client’s needs and solving his or her pain points. Keep these 3 tips in mind when building a marketing plan that will help you rather than hype you:

1. Build Your Brand

The first impression a client has of your business is important. While it may seem trivial, a strong brand has taken the time to get the brand’s look down to the science. This means all marketing material, website and print materials are uniform in style, font, imagery, color and message. Disjointed brands often put out material that looks like it is coming from numerous organizations that are not connected. This can lead to clients not fully understanding your message and not recognizing your brand.

2. Tell a Story

Are you telling your current story? If a client is investing his or her time interacting with your website, will he or she learn at your initial appointment that your site isn’t updated regularly and the information was inaccurate? If so, this could hurt your brand.

3. Stay Current

While updating your site regularly may seem tedious, it is necessary for independent financial advisors who want to continually connect to the right audience. Spend a few minutes browsing your current site in “client” mode – delete any out of date information, and look at the language in your content. Are you speaking to the client’s needs or boasting about your accomplishments on multiple pages? Save that for your “About” page and focus on the client in all other areas.

Educate yourself on a regular basis about smart marketing. One resource you may want to review is the book Youtility by Jay Baer. Baer’s unique approach to social media marketing focuses on being useful to your audience rather than amazing. With competition increasing on a daily basis, his examples and strategies can help independent broker dealers stand apart.


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