Summer Reading List for Financial Advisors

financial advisors reading list

Financial Advisors: What are You Reading this Summer?

If you are an avid reader and consider yourself a life-long learner, then you most likely keep up with the top trends and information related to financial advisors. With summer here, it is the perfect time to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon getting lost in a great book. And with so many incredible finance themed books available – both classic and just released – you can learn tips on becoming more productive, how to better run your practice, and how to connect with clients in just a few hours of reading.

So which books should top every independent financial brokers’ reading list for 2017? Here are 5 of our top recommended reads:

The Enduring Advisory Firm

This book has been a favorite for some time, written by top practice management consultant Mark Tibergien, and Kim Dellarocca. The manuscript explores everything from building a lasting firm/practice that will survive long after you retire to investigating the way Gen X’ers and Millennials reach out to and interact with financial advisors. You’ll find extensive tips on making your practice relevant to all generations, and how to rebrand or restructure your practice in order to build your client base.

No Longer Awkward

Every independent financial broker will come across a grieving client at some point in his or her career. And for most of us, we are not properly trained on the appropriate way to comfort clients when they start crying during an appointment. Thanks to the insights of writer Amy Florian, you can make these types of situations “no longer awkward” by understanding what to say and do, and what to avoid at all costs. In addition to guidance and tips, Florian also offers readers templates to follow when sending condolence cards and follow up correspondence.

The Monthly Retainer Model

Authors Alan Moore and Michael Kitces explore the steps behind setting up financial planning services on a monthly retainer system. It’s suggested that this model can be an effective way to reach new clients, specifically the Gen X and Gen Y populations. You will learn tips on pricing and structure, how to respond to common client questions interested in this model, and read numerous case studies on those who have been successful using this technique.

The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity

This Simon and Shuster find helps independent financial brokers increase their productivity while also finding peace and balance in their life. Ultimately a great time management manual, this book will require a complete mind shift in order to carry out the five choices, which may not be a bad thing if you want to try new ways to help your business to succeed.


This bestselling book by Ryan Levesque explores the essence of successful marketing, but shifts the attention of a financial advisor from what the client wants to what does the client not want. Most people can articulate what they have tried before and what they don’t want again/or what wasn’t successful, but have a hard time pinpointing exactly what they want. The author shares personal stories of using surveys with clients in order to refine services and programs, targeting the actual needs of prospective and longterm clientele. In addition to tips and suggestions that can be implemented in your practice, Ask is sure to change your overall view of traditional marketing.


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