Every Financial Advisor Should Practice This Non Financial Skill

As a Financial Advisor, Should You Go Back to English Class?

Financial AdvisorYou may be at the top of your game when it comes to financial advisor related skills, but what if you are losing clients or having less of an impact because of poor communication skills? High-impact business writing, public speaking, and presentation and marketing skills are crucial when it comes to building your independent financial broker business. But for some people who are above-average in mathematics, investment and accounting related areas, writing and communication may not be their strong suit.

Knowing how to effectively communicate is a must for anyone to exceed in his or her business. So, how can you better explain intricate financial strategies in laymen’s terms, and present your abilities and services in an intriguing manner? There are many ways to improve your overall writing and communication skills, plus learn presentation and marketing techniques. Plus, some of these can be learned for free or on the cheap in your spare time. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Writing and Communication

Did you know a poorly written email, letter or even social media post will lose an audience quickly and can decrease your credibility among your followers?  The Daily Beast recently wrote an article talking about how bad writing costs businesses billions – almost $400 billion every year! Being a strong and effective writer is crucial as it serves as the foundation for better conversation and presentation skills.

So, how can be you become a better writer? A few tips include writing regularly, whether it is a blog post or email newsletter. Also, read everything you write out loud – you will be surprised at mistakes that are more noticeable and how you may be able to better phrase something.

You can also find a variety of affordable, effective writing courses online from top-notch schools such as the University of California’s High-Impact Business writing course, or their Grammar and Punctuation course. The Georgia Institute of Technology also offers an Improve Your English Communication Skills course online.

2. Public Speaking and Conversation

Are you great at crunching numbers but terrified of having to sit down and discuss the details of your services? Do you feel uncomfortable breaking down intricate strategies for a group of potential clients? Organizations such as Toastmasters are located around the world and have helped countless men and women become strong and efficient public speakers. These people come from all walks of life and different career choices but are using public speaking tools to better communicate with clients. As an independent financial broker, comfortably connecting with your clients is a key element in your job and could mean the difference between securing and losing a prospect.

3. Marketing and Presentation Skills

Udemy and similar sites offer a wide variety of marketing and presentation courses for as little as $10. These courses can help improve your social media marketing skills, help you understand the psychology behind proper marketing, and show how to increase your audience…i.e. financial advisor client roster.

If you feel you are lacking in the writing and communication department, look into a few of the above-mentioned solutions and discover how improved writing can help your business. To learn other tips and tricks for financial advisors, visit www.SummitBrokerage.com.


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