Impact Investing: Financial Planning with Purpose

Learn more about investing with purpose with the help of your financial planning representative.

Financial Planning with PurposeThe term “impact investing” was coined several years ago and continues to gain traction in the financial planning world. If you aren’t familiar with impact investing, it refers to investments made into different organizations, funds and companies with the goal of: creating a positive impact in an environmental or social area you are passionate about, and generating a financial return for yourself at the same time.

Impact investing is a newer space for investors that offers an exciting opportunity to create greater change than just the traditional action of donating to charity. It uses one’s philanthropic desires to fuel considerable movement in a specific sector, addressing solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, while also presenting the potential for monetary gain. Whether someone has a heart for building fair-trade type businesses in West Africa, is concerned with renewable energy, or wants to increase HIV education in poverty-stricken areas, countless investing opportunities have become available.

The foundation of impact investing revolves heavily around purpose. Discovering one’s purpose has been a popular topic for thousands of years. In recent decades, science has shown how living with purpose and determining one’s purpose can have considerable positive effects on physical and mental health. This is especially true in the areas of stroke, depression, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Living out a purposeful life has also been shown to have a major impact on someone’s longevity and quality of life. For those interested in building wealth, investing with values allows someone to invest with others in mind, building a greater sense of investing for a specific purpose rather than just a financial gain.

If the idea of impact investing interests you, take a closer look at the 3 core features of the practice:

1. Being intentional

You are financing certain funds, organizations or companies because you want to have a positive environmental or social impact through your investments. Financial planning with purpose requires you to be very intentional in where you are investing, why, and what you are hoping to achieve for the greater good.

2. Investing with a range of return expectations

When someone takes part in impact investing, there is the expected financial return in addition to creating positive change. Financial returns can range from below market to market competitive and market-beating. Asset class can also range from equity and subordinated loans to venture capital, and public and private equity.

3. Measuring your impact

Impact investing requires the commitment to measure the progress and performance of the investment. Objectives in the environmental or social change desired should be established and monitored.

Through impact investing, there is a clear way to have your investment portfolio reflect your personal preferences and passions. Speak to your wealth management professional about what investing with values means to you. Whether you want to fuel change in the world’s current energy-challenges, or create awareness in a specific social issue, your financial advisor can help.


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