Client Acquisition Strategies for Financial Advisors

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Client Acquisition Strategies for Financial AdvisorsWhen it comes to independent financial advisors and implementing successful client acquisition strategies, one word that should always be utilized is creativity. There is not, nor will there be, one single approach that helps all financial advisors acquire new clients. In fact, numerous studies show that advisors arrive at his or her own successful acquisition methods through a period of trial and error, combined with their passion, persistence and proficiency.

Approaches to client acquisition are also becoming more and more unique, and independent financial advisors recognize that pursuit of the ideal client does not stop after the initial outreach. One approach is advising clients within a specific niche or offering a particular service. For example, one advisor interviewed for a recent study explained how she is committed to helping others and has a heart for families. She now targets her services to families who are dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s within their unit. A different advisor works with parents of special needs children, and another advisor works only with C-level men and women who have multifaceted finance situations (this advisor even makes home visits and helps organize all finance-related documents on a regular basis).

While these different approaches will influence the advisor’s client acquisition strategies, strategies in general have many common features. Let’s take a look at some successful client acquisition strategies you may want to implement into your practice:


Use an 8-prong approach

Between the Internet, social media, traditional marketing and networking, a lot is involved when it comes to getting your services in front of the right clients. While an 8-prong approach may seem overwhelming, just keep in mind to be successful in each area and map out your strategy beforehand so each prong works with one another. The eight areas to focus on include:

  • Your personal website – Is it clear and engaging? Is there a call to action, a way for visitors to sign up for your newsletter, and is your contact information highly visible?
  • Your overall Internet presence – Google yourself. Are your services showing up on the Internet, and if so, is the information accurate and up-to-date across all platforms?
  • Online client experience
  • Office branding
  • Local advertising/ relations with the media
  • Attending events and seminars that will fine-tune your professional and personal development
  • Concentrating on networking, a referral system, and prospecting
  • Creating a schedule or system for contacting clients and prospects


Invest in a Landing Page

Internet browsers want concise, useful information in small bites. A landing page can deliver your message, experience and services in a powerful way. What is even better is making the content generic enough that it can be useful for visitors and investors of any age or experience, allowing you to market the URL to Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, etc. in a variety of ways and different channels.

Be sure to track where your audience is coming from to get a better idea of which marketing technique is working best. Also, have a clear call to action where the visitor has to engage with your page. Lastly, provide a Thank You page when the visitor does engage – on this page you can also list other services or consultations you offer.


Find Your Passion

Yes, you have heard this before but being passionate about your career and specific niche shines through when making a first impression on potential clients. When someone is passionate, they truly enjoy connecting with others and sharing their knowledge. Plus, being passionate helps you to exude confidence and pleasure when talking about your field to others.


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