Summit Brokerage Recruits Advisor with $121M in AUM

Summit Brokerage Recruits Advisor with $121M in AUMFinancial advisor Darrach Bourke in Larkspur, CA has recently joined Summit Brokerage Services, Inc., the #1 Independent Broker-Dealer in the Country*.


Previously affiliated with Stifel, Bourke manages $121 million in client assets and has over 7 years of experience. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, Bourke has a client-centric practice that focuses on providing his clients with institutional fixed income trading capabilities as well as using best in class research for other asset classes.  


Darrach Bourke said, “I’m excited to finally be a part of the industry migration towards independence that has been accelerating over the past several years.  The boutique atmosphere that the team at Summit creates combined with the depth and scale of First Clearing’s platform is an ideal model for my business, both for today and the future. Summit has the resources in place, and First Clearing provides an additional layer of capabilities through their inventories and trading desks. My clients are enthusiastic and supportive in my transition to becoming an independent financial advisor.”

For more information on Summit Brokerage Services, visit or contact us at (800) 354-5528.


About Summit Brokerage Services, Inc.

Summit Brokerage Services, Inc. is a Boca Raton, Florida-based financial services company that provides a broad range of securities brokerage and investment services to primarily individual investors. Summit Brokerage also sells insurance products, predominantly fixed and variable annuities and life insurance through its subsidiary, SBS Insurance Agency of Florida. Summit Brokerage also provides asset management services through its investment advisor, Summit Financial Group, Inc.

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Company Name:  Summit Brokerage Services, Inc.
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*Rated by REP magazine’s Independent Broker-Dealer Report Card.

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