How to Improve Your Blog’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improve Blog's SEOIn today’s social media world, blogging is considered a highly effective tool to market your business and help you stay in touch with your “tribe” or community.

The best way for an independent financial advisor to draw attention from clients and keep your website relevant and fresh is to learn how to fine-tune your blog’s search engine optimization – or SEO.

You don’t have to become an SEO professional to make your blog visible in search engine results. By incorporating some basic SEO tips, you can vastly improve your blog’s visibility and enable search engines like Google to rank your site higher.

Here are nine crucial tips to give your SEO a makeover:

Update Your Keywords

Relevance is key in SEO. The Web Reference Guide, published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, suggests that words used in the body of your blog’s text contribute statistically to its relevance. As a financial professional, your website should use words and phrases that relate directly to your business. Take a few minutes to research keywords using a free tool like Google Keyword before putting your text in writing. However, though you want to include relevant keywords throughout your blog, it shouldn’t take away from the flow or message. Of course, even though the experts recommend keywords as a way to attract visitors to your site, you want to avoid excessive keyword repetition.

Optimize Images

Optimizing images and captions is an often overlooked tactic, but is considered a powerful tool to optimize your written content. You want to add “alt text” to your images and include relevant keywords here as well as in your captions. A photo speaks a thousand words, but optimizing will grab your visitors’ attention to read further.

Tag Titles

Using subhead titles is a great way to break up blog posts and make the content easier to read. To optimize titles, you also want to use relevant keywords. In HTML code, you typically create headlines with the <h1> tag and the page titles with the <title> tag. Instead of using generic phrases, think about how you can promote your business in a succinct and relevant way, such as “Why Hire a Financial Advisor During Tax Season.”

Update the Frequency of Your Blog

Most experts recommend frequent updating as a way to keep your search ranking high. In today’s busy world, few people have time to update their blogs daily. However, you want to update your blog at least weekly, because the more material it has – including archived posts – the more readers will be drawn to it.

Update Social Media Profiles

As you’re updating your keywords and links on your blog, it’s a good idea to update the same information on your social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You want to keep those sites on your radar for SEO improvements as well.

Build Links with Comments

The Web is built on links between pages, and Google explains that search engines can detect these links and rank sites accordingly. To boost your ranking, write content or comments on high-quality posts. Most comment forms allow you to link back to a specific post that’s relevant on your site. This is also a great way to establish relationships with other bloggers and may even lead to more guest blogging opportunities.

Remove Bad Backlinks

If you know that links are coming to your site from less reputable sites, it’s best to remove them because this could have a negative affect on your ranking.

Keep It Relevant

While it’s tempting to use your blog for personal anecdotes, experts advise to keep it strictly business. The problem with getting personal is that the search engines will detect a wandering focus, which could lower your ranking and make your site harder to find.

Create a Relevant Domain Name

Web companies like WordPress, Tumblr, and offer blog hosting, but the domain or Web address you get belongs to the host and contains the host company’s name. To boost your blog’s value and SEO ranking, consider purchasing a domain containing words that are focused on your site’s mission.

Incorporating the SEO tips above can have a tremendous impact on your blog’s visibility and expand your reach across the Web.

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This blog article used with permission from Emerald Connect Marketing tips.

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