What to do with the old stuff…

Old Computer Equipment Things change so quickly with computer hardware that we sometimes find ourselves with equipment we perceive as outdated. The question then comes up “What do I do with old computer equipment?” Other than make it into pop art and spice up your apartment or play an April fool’s joke and shock your friends into thinking you destroyed your laptop, there are very reasonable options on what to do with old equipment. In no order of importance, below are ways to recycle, reuse or dispose of the equipment:

1: Disposal, However do it Green

Investigate (Google) in your area companies that adhere to green standards of disposable. There is value in a firm policy of compliance to ‘Going Green.’

2: Reuse old equipment

When testing a new application use your older equipment. You do not want to find out that two applications will not work together on your ‘good’ computer. If you want to train a new associate use an old machine so as not tie up one of you day to day systems.

3: Cannibalize

Older computers can be used for spare parts. Disk Drives are a good example of reusable hardware (obviously there are compatibility issues when replacing parts).

4: Hand me downs

In companies, there are power users and then there are users that require less stringent computers. Create a downward rotation of the equipment. By implementing this type of policy you can get a longer life cycle for the equipment.

5: Trade-in

If you lease your equipment you can trade in existing equipment for new equipment.

6: Sell to a third-party marketer

Especially with cell phones and disk drives, you can find a third party reseller. Remember, when doing this, the equipment will be examined.

7: Sell or give to your existing associates

Associates are always looking for inexpensive equipment they can put to good use for children or themselves.

8: A couple of old standbys that are harder than you think

Donate to charities, however, now some charities actually have minimum standards for accepting hardware. Also, selling for scrap comes up a lot but this also has pitfalls associated with successfully completing the sale.

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