Revitalizing Your Sales Skills

Revitalizing Sales SkillsImagine going to the doctor and receiving a prescription before the doctor knows anything about you, your medical history or your reason for visiting. While this scenario sounds absurd for a medical professional, independent financial advisors often don’t take the time to truly understand the needs of and prepare for each individual prospect.

Four Steps that Help Prepare for Sales Success

Step 1: Prepare for the meeting

Selling begins long before you actually sit down face to face with the client. For example, during the phone call to confirm the meeting, you should take notes relating to every detail the person reveals. With that information, study, study, study. Your goal is to enter the sales call with knowledge about the individual, what they do and what they value. Doing your homework, instead of simply winging it, will put you miles ahead.

Step 2: Confirm the meeting

Another useful tactic is to send a confirmation card immediately after booking the meeting. A small handwritten card that says, “I enjoyed our conversation today. I’m looking forward to our meeting and will work hard to ensure it’s a wise investment of your time.” Include a small checklist of documents you want the prospect to bring and directions on how to find your office. This card and checklist make a statement about how you conduct yourself and put the prospect more at ease before you even meet.

Step 3: Scrutinize the experience from the prospect’s perspective

What do prospects see, hear and feel when they walk into your office? Are they relaxed and comfortable? What’s their reaction when they meet a member of your team? All points of client contact, from receptionists to assistants, need to understand that they affect the decision-making atmosphere. A friendly receptionist who comes out from behind a desk, greets the prospect by name and offers a beverage, can go a long way to putting the odds in your favor.

Step 4: Focus your thoughts

Always take a few minutes prior to the meeting to review your notes and mentally rehearse how you want the meeting to unfold. Use this time to detach from any stress so you are both physically and mentally sharp. Think back to a time when you were especially “on,” and use that memory to rejuvenate yourself. The more prepared and focused you are, the more likely you’ll enjoy the meeting and present yourself in a positive light.

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