Do You Have All of the Necessary Tools to Have a Successful Practice?

Tools for a Successful PracticeAt Summit Brokerage Services, we provide you with these tools through various avenues.

1.  You are provided with state of the art platforms from both of our clearing firms, First Clearing, LLC and Pershing, LLC, to conduct your work and enable your clients to have online access twenty-four hours a day, online bill pay, check writing, and Visa Debit Cards.

2.  Through our clearing firms you will have access to numerous third party research providers and also proprietary research from our clearing firms.

3.  We provide you with daily sales ideas and morning market commentary from both of our clearing firms to keep you abreast of the world’s happenings twenty-four hours a day.

4.  If you desire mutual funds, we have a mutual fund product manager that can help you with over 1000 different mutual funds.

5.  You have access to Summit’s Fixed Income specialists and our Insurance coordinator who are always readily available to speak to you and assist you. Also, specialists are available for product information on Annuities and Alternative Investments

6.  Peer-to-peer networking at the annual Summit National Convention where we have outstanding industry speakers, advisor roundtables, strategic partner presentations, and technology breakouts to help you maintain and gather fresh ideas that keep you abreast of today’s happenings.

7.  You have the ability to do performance reviews, estate valuations, build bond ladders, and option buy-write ideas.

In addition to all of the above, you also are serviced by the finest Operations staff in the industry with an average of over fifteen years of experience in serving both you and your client’s needs. Any firm can put in an order to buy 100 XYZ, but after the transaction has taken place is where we excel. We invite you to contact one or more of our independent financial advisors to hear their testimonials on joining Summit. For more information on Summit Brokerage Services, or contact us at (800) 354-5528.

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