Top Features of Albridge

Features of AlbridgeAt Summit, we provide our advisors with the Albridge Wealth Reporting platform. Albridge Wealth Reporting is a portfolio management system integrating portfolio accounting and performance reporting to deliver an accurate, single view of all of your clients’ assets. Albridge consolidates client account data from a number of sources – banking, brokerage, insurance, retirement, managed accounts, alternatives, trusts ‐ making it the industry’s most scalable and reliable wealth reporting solution. By providing a comprehensive view of client assets, financial advisors can deliver an unparalleled level of service to their clients, while having a proven tool to help them gather more assets and clients. In addition, Albridge is web-based, so that advisors have access at any time that they have internet access. No software to maintain, no downloads to initiate, advisors just login and are ready to go. Below are the top features of Albridge:


View Consolidated Client Accounts From the Client List. The Client List is a series of screens with all of an advisor’s current client and account information. Advisors can sort their client list by Name or ID Number and view Accounts, Contact Information and Reports with just the click of a mouse button.


Create New Client Portfolios. The New Portfolio functionality lets advisors create meaningful groupings or “households” of related accounts, quickly and easily. Advisors can set up client portfolios to correspond to specific planning goals (i.e., client’s retirement savings assets); combined household assets (husband and wife accounts added together) or some other criterion.


Run Client Reports. The heart of the Albridge Wealth Reportingapplication is the Client Reports feature. Advisors can run over 30 Client Reports on any of the portfolios with which a client is associated for an accurate snapshot of an investor’s holdings. Client-ready reports are available in the following categories:

• Holdings

• Transactions

• Asset Allocation

• Performance

• Combined Statements


Model Portfolio and Rebalancing. Advisors can use the Model Portfolio Rebalance report to compare a Client’s portfolio asset allocation against a Model Portfolio created by the advisor or their Broker Dealer. Now the advisor can have a meaningful conversation with his / her clients regarding the composition of their portfolio and adjust it accordingly.


Performance and Benchmarks. The Portfolio Value and Benchmark report lets advisors track performance of a given portfolio against an industry index or composite index. Advisors can demonstrate how their client’s portfolio performed relative to the market. Advisors have ability to use existing financial indices as benchmarks, or create their own composite benchmark.


Schedule Batch Jobs for Client Reports. The Batch Jobs feature lets advisors automate the compiling and preparing of Client Statements. Reports generated through a Batch Job can be distributed to the advisor in a print file or directly to clients via e-mail. Advisors no longer have to compile and produce reports manually, freeing up time and resources for more productive activities.


Allow Your Clients Access to Their Account Information. The Client (Investor) Access feature allows advisors to share information with their clients. Advisors have sole discretion as to which clients to offer access to the system. Using the Investor Customization feature, advisors can customize their clients view to specific reports and functionality. Client Access enables clients to view:

• Their individual account information (based on their social security number)

• Their combined account portfolio

• All public portfolios in which at least one of the client’s accounts has been included

• The reports and functionality selected by their financial advisor.


Client Access demonstrates to clients that the advisor is on the cutting-edge of financial management, taking full advantage of technology to provide better service to them.


Run Advisor Reports. Advisor Reports provide the financial advisor with a number of valuable reports to help them measure and manage their business. There are twelve Advisor Reports that allow you to gather information about your clients, accounts, and product companies with which you do business.

Advisor Report’s filtering and sorting functionality provides advisors with an easy-to-use tool that helps them selectively pull, or mine, information from their books of business and quickly sort the mined information.


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