First Clearing Advisory Take a look at the events which have shaped your practice in 2011.  From uncertain economic conditions to volatile markets, you’ve probably had to make some difficult decisions during the past year.  As a financial professional, you understand the correlation between satisfied clients and long-term customer relationships. Let us show you what First Clearing Advisory can do for your practice.  



Why First Clearing Advisory?

First Clearing Advisory supports you and your clients in many different ways. It combines elements such as strategy and guidance from experienced and trusted sources; ongoing client management though the Envision® planning process; timely performance data delivered to both you and your clients; and multiple platforms, models, and portfolios which provide enhanced flexibility and customization to fit your clients’ long-term needs, goals, and risk tolerance.

Now is the Time

We will guide you through our four-step process to incorporate First Clearing Advisory into your practice.  We’ll show you how to invest in the future of your business by setting a solid foundation with Advisory products.  We want your Advisory practice to start strong and remain strong, so we’ll give you tools, resources, implementation ideas you can use to Prepare, Prospect, Meet, and Maintain.

Step 1. Becoming familiar with First Clearing Advisory Products is the first step to making the transition. Included in Step One are the most popular and valuable tools to help get you started. You’ll also have access to a targeted curriculum designed to build your Advisory knowledge and awareness. Step 2.  Knowing your audience is paramount when prospecting for Advisory clients. Step Two directs you to resources which make prospecting easier, more efficient, and opportunistic. Capitalize today!   Step 3. It’s now time to deliver your value proposition through contact opportunities. Reaching-out the right way can mean all the difference. Apply Step Three and learn the best ways to present Advisory to your clients and prospects. Step 4. It all leads up to this; the moment your First Clearing Advisory relationship begins to expand. Step Four shows you ways to display that all-important advisory responsibility — which separates your Advisory business from traditional brokerage.

First Clearing Advisory Supports Your Business:

Most FAs use the support of a strong foundation as the backbone to their success. Advisory offers benefits you can’t find in traditional brokerage relationships:

Create a First Clearing Advisory business plan and fee structure which works best for the needs of your practice.

Capitalizing on Advisory Business Opportunities:  (CABO)

Knowing how to identify potential Advisory clients is key to developing your business.  Learn how to recognize opportunities in your book by using resources such as:

CABO is a step-by-step guide to transitioning your business.

Find out how to locate clients through Generational Investing and SmartStation screening techniques.

Client Interaction Separates Advisory From Traditional Brokerage:

You know how important it is to keep in contact with your clients. Advisory helps maintain timely, value-added contact so you can focus on acquiring new assets.

Learn the keys to an effective Advisory review session.

Use tools such as proposals, the client profile/risk assessment planning process to build strong client relationships.

Your client relationship is based on much more than just daily transactions. That’s why with First Clearing Advisory you have access to timely materials, important updates, and key resources which can help grow your practice. Keeping You and Your Clients In-the-Know.

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