What is Encryption?

Data Encryption A key component of Summit’s overall Data Protection Policy (DaPP) is the use of encryption to protect valuable, as well as private, information. A brief explanation of what data encryption is may help to explain its importance.

Encryption is what protects data from unwanted and unauthorized people. Encryption is a process of converting data or text into an unreadable format, it uses an encryption algorithm that requires a key, which only the person with the key can decode it and access the information.

There have been too many cases of personal records or data exposed through loss or theft of laptops, computers, storage devices, the invasion of a malicious Trojan virus, cyber attack, hackers and so on. We rely on encryption more than you think – we use it for every kind of internet transaction (i.e. online banking, online shopping), networks, mobile phones, wireless microphones, Bluetooth devices, ATMs and many more.

Encrypting the information in your computer ensures that this information stays confidential from people whom are not authorized to access it. A full-disk encryption will let you encrypt the contents of your hard drive with a password to protect your data from unwanted use. A password on your mobile devices and phones will block people from using these devices. Take the appropriate steps to comply with these new technology requirements and your data will be safe against unauthorized access.

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