Summit Investment Ideas – “Beating the Benchmarks!”

Summit Investment IdeasThe Summit Investment Ideas are sent out to all Summit advisors early each and every morning.  Generally, the ideas are divided into three sections:

Equity and other ideas:

Equity ideas generally come from a number of places.  Two of the more prominent sources include Dorsey Wright & Associates (DWA), as well as Investors Business Daily (IBD), whose graphs and charts provide a useful way to analyze the technical picture of a stock, similar to the way a doctor looks at an x-ray.  DWA and IBD are two different schools of technical analysis. Both are excellent quick references to determine the health of a particular stock pattern.  Additional sources for equity ideas can also come from sources such as Cabot, Wells Fargo Advisors and Yahoo Finance just to name a few.

Fixed Income ideas:

Fixed income ideas are typically generated by the Summit Trading Desk.  Many of the bond offerings come from working with large bond dealers, such as large investment banks, regional brokerages and specialty firms. The daily Fixed Income Idea will highlight a different asset class and maturity with the goal of finding quality bond offerings and to let the advisor get a better overall view of the current yield curve for corporate bonds, municipals, agencies and CDs.  The fixed income desk scans through hundreds of offerings in an effort to find the best opportunities available for investors.

Annuities, Alternative Investments, Mutual Funds and others:

The third idea is suggested by Summit’s Director of Advisor Development and will consist of ideas from among mutual funds, UITs, ETFs, alternative investments or insurance products. Numerous research sources are utilized to come up with ideas for these types of products.  Primary sources include, but are not limited to, DWA, Morningstar, the Wall Street Journal, Wells Fargo Advisors and of course our product sponsors.

In closing,the Summit Investment Ideas are embraced and read each morning by many Summit Advisors and this is just another one of many ways we strive to help our advisors grow their business.

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