Social Media has arrived at Summit

As announced at Summit’s 2011 National Convention, Summit will now allow its advisors to use social media as an approved method of advertising. However, all use of social media for business purposes must be approved and monitored.

“We are excited about integrating social media surveillance solutions into our existing infrastructure” said Thomas Terpko, Executive Vice President/Information Technology. We have been able to streamline surveillance by utilizing existing reporting and archiving tools. This significantly reduces management costs associated with social media. Summit advisors have the ability to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs to communicate with clients and the general public  – which activity will be automatically captured and sent to Summit’s Compliance for post-review and retention.

“Activity is the key to a successful social media campaign, and we’re eager to fully support those advisors who wish to utilize a complete online marketing strategy,” Terpko added. Social media marketing is a valuable component to any integrated marketing strategy, and Summit has streamlined the archiving implementation for its advisors.

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