RedTail Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Improving the quality and consistency of your client/prospect interactions is one of the more proven methods of building your practice.   Structuring your business activities as executable processes that you and those in your office can easily follow and track promotes quality and consistency.  Finding the right Client Relationship Management (CRM) system will give you the framework to put these structures in place.  So what should you look for in a CRM?


  • Built specifically for financial professionals.  Your time should be spent building your business rather than trying to tailor an application built for a general audience to your business needs.
  •  Web-based, offering PDA data synchronization/browser access as well as offline capability.  Anywhere, anytime access to your data is key.
  •  Affordability, allowing you to assign access to multiple users so that you are all operating from the same playbook.
  •  Built-in calendaring that can be seamlessly linked to client records for accurate and up-to-date client interactions.
  •  Consolidated, readily accessible client history and notes.
  •  Automated reminders for scheduled activities, client birthdays/anniversaries/reviews, account renewals and more.
  •  Workflow and checklist management for automatic generation of activities based upon common processes in your office.
  •  Third-party integrations.  If a CRM was built for financial professionals, it should offer seamless integration with other popular applications in use among financial professionals such as Albridge, eMoney Advisors, MarketingLibrary, LaserApp, and MoneyGuidePro.

Redtail Technology offers all of the above (and much more).  Founded in March 2003, Redtail’s clients include independent financial professionals and over 70 independent broker dealers.  Redtail’s Client Relationship Management system was designed specifically for financial professionals, which means the time you spend using it will be productive.  In short, the tools that you need to improve your business processes and provide a consistent level of service to your clients and prospects already exist – they are just waiting on you to pick them up and put them to work for your business

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