It’s About Time

If you had more time, you could do more prospecting, which leads to more business. 

If you had more time, you could service your clients even better, which leads to more business. 

If you had more time, you could work on your big picture business strategy, which also leads to more business.

Those are a lot of “ifs”. However, when you take advantage of one of the most innovative reporting technologies available in the market, obtaining the extra time needed to build your business quickly becomes a reality.

With Albridge Wealth Reporting, which is offered to all Summit Advisors, client account data is collected, consolidated and reconciled (aggregated) from hundreds of sources such as brokerage, managed account, and insurance companies so you are afforded a single view of your client’s financial data for a crystal clear outlook of their situation. This means you no longer have to access a myriad of software programs, cut and paste data, manually enter data, log in here, and log out there….all the typical actions that waste tons of time.

Complementing your increased level of productivity (and decreased level of errors caused by manual data entry) from utilizing the Albridge Wealth Reporting web-based application is the notion of immediate results. Online, instant access to critical client account information enables you to quickly produce and distribute a variety of performance, asset allocation, holdings, transactions, benchmarking and cost basis reports to your clients with the simple click of a mouse. This becomes a true competitive advantage in a landscape where clients expect an ever-increasing level of responsiveness.

This level of reporting is also essential in terms of client communication. According to Cap Gemini World Wealth Report, advisors must provide transparency not just up-front in the process, but through clear reporting that makes risk and exposure more apparent to clients.

The need to deliver an unparalleled level of client service never ceases. With this technology platform, Albridge enables you to deliver that high caliber of service which results in an unmatched level of trust from your clients.

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