Summit Brokerage Announces Rollout of Pershing’s Advisor Directed Solution

Summit Brokerage

Summit Brokerage‘s clearing partner, Pershing has recently announced a major enhancement to their correspondent firm operating systems. Pershing’s Advisor Directed solution offered through their NetX360 platform is designed to help attract and retain premiere Summit investment professionals by offering them an easier way to manage customized client portfolios. It streamlines the time-consuming process of portfolio construction, re-balancing and trading across multiple accounts. It also offers comprehensive tools to support the entire client engagement process—from a product-agnostic online proposal generator to robust performance reporting—and can help ease the transition from commission- to fee-based solutions.

A Single Gateway to a Wealth of New Opportunities.

Pershing’s Advisor Directed solution is designed to make it easy to give Summit advisors the power to deliver truly customized client portfolios. Through a single point of entry, selected Summit’s investment professionals across the nation can easily build, apply trade and rebalance models across multiple accounts, saving considerable time and effort. The Advisor Directed solution also offers unparalleled transparency and control through powerful surveillance and compliance tools and at the same time helps advisors attract affluent clients so they can continue to grow their businesses without limits.

Multiple Capabilities, One Solution

Pershing’s Advisor Directed solution is designed to support the Summit investment professional through each step of the process, from creating models to opening and managing a client’s account.

Offering a level of integration that goes far beyond single sign-on, the solution includes:

  • A customizable proposal system, incorporating branding and models, tightly integrated into the trading platform
  • Easy-to-use portfolio construction and rebalancing tools, making it simple to set model allocations and select investment vehicles
  • Powerful compliance tools that bring the advisor unmatched surveillance and drift monitoring capabilities.
  • Flexible performance reporting on both individual and household levels, tailored to reflect the advisor’s branding and investment approach
  • Billing services that adapt to the advisor’s processes and business model
  • Incorporates investment research, financial planning tools, financial and headline news, market data, trading information and more.

The new Advisor Directed solution will allow Summit advisors to spend less time on administrative and compliance functions and more time with their clients!



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