Summit Brokerage Announces Pension Resource Institute as Consultant

Pension Resource Institute Consultant

Summit is pleased to announce that it has engaged the Pension Resource Institute (PRI), one of the nation’s leading consultants on Qualified Plans and ERISA matters, to work with the Firm and its advisors to identify opportunities within the qualified plan arena.  One of PRI’s projects will be to assist Summit and their advisors with compliance regarding the new and strict ERISA 408(b) (2) and participant disclosure regulation effective 2012.

In addition, PRI will provide ongoing training and consulting support from experts representing all aspects of sales, service, distribution and supervision. By integrating ERISA compliance with sales strategies, the PRI team is able to deliver “best practice” approaches and guidance to help ensure that Summit and its advisors will be well poised as these new regulations become effective.  Being ahead of this curve will afford Summit a huge leap over other broker/dealers that have chosen to not invest in the implementation of new policies and procedures to comply with these new ERISA regulations. In addition, this partnership further solidifies Summit’s position as a boutique firm committed to supporting advisors in the qualified plan and ERISA market.


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